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I was born into a small and tight-knit family where philosophy, psychology and religion were discussed at every dinner table. We went to the library and not surfing. Neither did anyone in my super small family – I am an only child – dive into the magic of physical movement, to put it diplomatically. But I was lucky enough to find incredible, thirst-quenching teachers in philosophy (Urs Schällibaum) and Judaism (Rabbi Michael Goldberg).
Studying law took me out of my comfort zone. It was a great exercise that taught me one or two things about how the world works from a different perspective, and the skill of public speaking, how to get comfortable addressing a larger audience.
Following my graduation, my boyfriend asked me to join him for an adventure of a few years in Hong Kong. I knew I wouldn’t pursue a legal career, and had a great opportunity to work as a journalist and editor for a Swiss newspaper from Asia. I also worked for a family office and received a taste of big finance.
What really changed my professional course was meeting Patrick Creelman, a wonderful yoga teacher who taught me a version of the old tradition that helped me bridge my background with a strong physical practice that focuses on form and embodies transformation. A spiritual practice, but deeply practical. Healing on all levels.
The transformation to motherhood was another life-changing experience. I took a prenatal, postnatal and birth preparation teacher training (Jeane Byrne and Michelle Papa), and I teach workshops on the process of becoming a parent, one of the greatest joys of my profession.
I continued my studies with Patrick, the brilliant Rinat Perlman, and last but not least Elena Brower, the teacher that inspired me most on all things off the mat, such as caring for and valuing myself. 
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