I always loved the idea of using the properties of plants as an aid in our fast-paced city life and I always knew about the oils. But I had the notion that it was a subject that must be studied for years before I could integrate them into my everyday life. When I got
introduced to the doTerra Oils by Elena Brower, I was able to take the plunge and start to play with them from day one. The quality of the products and the intuition of its distribution system convinced me that doTerra is the best way to teach others about oils,
and to build a business along the way.

Why choose doTerra?

Essential oils are nature’s wonder workers.

Essentail oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are found in plants. Extracted during a careful distillation process, essential oils work their magic in many ways, from their beautiful scents, to natural health care and beauty remedies, food preparation and toxic-free living.
My kids also love them! When they’re feeling sad or have hurt themselves they know exactly which oil will help. Seeing them empowered at such a young age to know what they need and to have the tools necessary, gives me assurance.

Interested in joining the doTerra team?

doTerra allows me to generate additional income, a most welcomed side-effect of teaching about oils and helping others to introduce the oils into their everyday life. I have a wonderful group of high-powered, strong and confident women in my team. We offer
each other support, trust and leadership and are, despite the hard work, enjoying every minute of it!

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