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I am invested in finding a place of PLENTY.

PLENTY can be defined as the state of having enough, or more than enough, an inner state of deep contentment. PILLARS OF PLENTY is based on the idea that we all need to work on our very own set of PILLARS to be able to get to and support the state of balance, stability, and ease.
Here, I am introducing you to mine.

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New online classes available 
Home Sweat Home
Yoga Flow
2 complimentary Yoga Class:
- a Katonah Yoga & Wild Lotus Flow crossbreed
- simple and strong, 45min Flow
Yoga Instruction
The first pillar is the body. Life depends on it, and if we want to stay healthy, sane and energized, the practice of yoga will do just that.
My kids. Yes, these are mine. The journey to parenthood is the ultimate practice. I teach classes on pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Keep calm, and read on...
Essential oils
Looking for a powerful tool to support your health, physical and mental? Essential oils of doTerra are an incredible go-to supplement to uplift your house, literally and figuratively. 
"You are the company you keep, so keep good company", my teacher once said. Kindness, authenticity, and an open mind are the essences of connection, communication, and personal growth. Here, you will find ideas and resources that support a creative dialogue, by me and by others.
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